Wednesday, July 11, 2012

ModCloth: A Stylish Surprise Review

Image property of ModCloth.

A few weeks back I, drum roll please, made my first purchase on ModCloth. I am a lover of all things vintage inspired, quirky, and grab bag, so when I saw the Stylish Surprise promotion, I knew it was time to pop that cherry.

I think ModCloth does a much better job explaining their Stylish Surprise than I ever could, so per their website:

My, what a Stylish Surprise! For just $15, you could get anything from a terrific top, to a dazzling dress, or maybe even a cute coat. There’s a beautiful bevy of mystery items with retail values that range from $29.99 to $249.99! Ready for some fashion fun? Simply select your size below, then add a chic secret to your shopping bag. Hurry – supplies are limited, so snag a Stylish Surprise while you still can!

So I paid my fifteen dollars (plus shipping) and just a few days later, the most exciting box arrived.

I was so blown away by the box, that it took me a whole five minutes to even unwrap my Stylish Surprise. I think I regressed back to a toddler mindset and actually forgot something was in the box for those first four minutes.

Once I finally opened the box, I found my Stylish Surprise, the...

Image property of ModCloth.

Retro Active Romper.

Image property of Fox Broadcasting Company.

At first I was like, "Dear Universe, I'm pretty sure you meant to send this to Zooey Deschanel."

But then, a few days later, I saw a new couple moving in a few townhouses down and it hit me. Perhaps I'd been a bit hasty.  This romper could be the answer to my moving day wardrobe dilemma. During the crazy that hits the fan on moving day, I always seem to meet all my new neighbors. And remember not a one of their names. I then identify them by the breed of dog they own for the first six months of residence. Or as the couple that live beside the couple who own a particular breed of dog. These memorable initial introductions usually occur about the time that I'm convinced the world is in fact ending right that moment, my shorts have creeped up and over, my shirt is plastered to my back, and I look like I'm coming off of a two week meth binge. Does that sound like someone you want living next to you? 

Yeah, I'd prefer hipster over bath salt user any day. 

While I'm not thrilled with my Stylish Surprise, I won't hesitate to purchase one the next time ModCloth offers them. This might be overcompensating, but I really think the romper will be a whole lot classier than the alternative for our upcoming moving day and projects on the new house (just look at how big those pockets are) and you can't beat the price. Who knows, I might even work myself up to wearing it to pick up supplies at Ace.

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  1. Oh wow! While the surprise box always seems nice, and for $15 isn't too bad of a deal, I'm always afraid I'll get stuck with a crop top or a pair of hot pants so usually don't try it out- but that's a good idea, romper on a moving day! :) Congrats on your surprise, hope it's useful.

    Rose Eva



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